Why I Made EtherStone

Recently, I came out with a DAPP known as EtherStone. ETHS is a newly emerging minted, mine-able ERC20 token that is compatible with Mvis Tokenminer and mining on CPU as well as GPU cores. The whole aim of EtherStone is to better support and decentralize the Ethereum network. Currently, not many mine-able erc20 tokens exist, and the ones that do aren't built around the idea of speeding up Ethereum's network. I thought about this for a while, as well as what would happen if Vitalik left Ethereum. I believe the best alternative to lightning networks or increased block size is just create an asset that can offer ongoing support through mining. While, I don't talk about crypto much on this blog, this is a personal project I am working on, and just wanted to show you all a different side of things I am capable of creating.