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The Cost of Brilliance

When many people read the title, “The Cost of Brilliance”, they will seem quite confused. Is there a cost to “brilliance”? What is the “Cost of Brilliance”? Our society has people of nature that are quite utilitarian or nihilistic in the way they are. People with great ideals, principles, innovations, and concepts are being censored and pushed back for being too ahead of their time.

We seem to be drowning in our own sheer ignorance filled with false illusions of accomplishment and grandiosity. We are histrionic and dramatic towards the things that are small, materialistic and in love towards what is meaningless, indulged in what is ignorant, and dissatisfied with what is brilliant. The world almost feels like a cult of mindless hypocrisy blinded and faded towards absolute stupidity.

We as humans used to be great and conquer mountains. We dreamed for the skies. We innovated for the greatness of nature and achieving huge milestones for mankind. Now we want mankind to be taken over by pseudoscience, AI entities, and mad delusions. We have the power to create with our hands what many societies never thought possible.

Even the late Prof.Hawking worried about how we dabbed with AI, and he himself was blinded by his own illusions. What I fathom is that one day science is what it used to be. We created things for the greater good. One day I want to turn on the TV and not see my eyes bombarded by stupidity. One day I want music that doesn’t bestow insecurity or unkindness towards the little impressionable ladies who hear them.

We as a society have greatly misused the technologies we been given. I as an innovator will be creating some of the greatest things that can one day benefit mankind and know somebody out there will probably be called great when he inevidently misuses my brilliance. This is why I say, even brilliance has a cost.

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