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Innovation at its Best

If it isn’t obvious enough, I love creating new things. It is a passion of mine that sort of takes me away from the stress of the world to work on new and revolutionary ideas. I contributed to the creation of Hydrofuel Solar Cars, I made breakthroughs in computational algorithms and great things related to Quantum Computing. Now I am in the digital world trying to let my creative mind do the talking. However, I am not an innovator at his best. Compared to the brilliance of people in history like Leonardo Da Vinci or Nickola Tesla, I am like a small seed in a very large watermelon. The brilliance they accomplished requires me to do much more to be in their shoes. This is what I love about history.

Not only in history are there mistakes to learn from, but also people to be inspired from. Great innovators have created a new standard for us. We can use technology to its fullest potential and keep going, reaching past the stars. We haven’t even been able to travel light years yet, can you image what is possible? If there are even 3 or 4 Teslas in the world today we would have been easily past Mars. This is what I love about innovation. You aren’t just making the world a better place, you aren’t just making people’s life easier, but you are enabling others to reach for that stars. This makes it all the more worthwhile.

The Startup World Been Crazy

Right now I have been diverting all my attention towards Stark Drones Corporation, ChainTerra, and running Lonero. It has been a long process along with my research, keeping track of my Udemy and DigitalCPR.

Overall, it has been tedious but here are some things I can say:

  1. The startup world is intense and schedules aren’t always consistent

  2. It has been extremely competitive and saturated

  3. The work/life balance also isn’t too consistent

We as innovators are here to change the world, and in the beginning, most things aren’t going to always go great. Consistency seems like key but it really isn’t. One thing is for sure, is many years later people will look back at these great works.

Hello World

Welcome to DigitalCPR's blog. This is where we talk about things revolving around marketing, AI, and all things digital. This includes topics such as properly analyzing analytics, data visualization tools, or advanced AI research topics tailored around marketing research. This is the first blog post and just a small introduction on what we write about.